Terms of the reservation

By completing the reservation you accept the terms of the reservation below


Changing or cancelling the reservation

Cancel the game at least 24 before the game. If the cancellation is done after that, the cancellation fee is 70€. In a case of no show or if the cancellation is made less than 3 hours before the game, we charge the full price of a game for two persons.

If you have booked more than one game for the same time, the cancellation needs to be done at least 7 days prior to the games, else the cancellation fee is 70€ per game, if the games are cancelled less than 24 hours prior the games, we charge full price of 2 persons per game.

Disobeying of rules

In case of deliberately damaging or using too much force to damage the interior or the props, the players are liable to compensate for the repair of the damage. The game master is entitled to stop the game if the players are not obeying the rules.